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K-Lite Codec Pack скачать бесплатно для windows 7


K-Lite Codec Pack 14.8.4

A complete collection of codecs and related tools


K-Lite Codec Pack 14.8.4


 Everyone likes to watch videos and listen to songs on the computer. It is one of the many interesting things to do on your computer. For this purpose, you need a music player. There are many varieties of music players on the web. A good music player should have some essential features. It should play many formats of videos and audios. It should be easy to use. K-Lite codec Pack has all these features. It is very useful and efficient software. Its interface is very user-friendly. You will have no trouble using it. New users can also use it without any problem. 

 Benefits Of Using K-Lite Codec Pack

 K-Lite codec pack is a very good known software. It fulfills all your needs regarding media files. It plays a variety of files. It can play many popular file formats. It plays audio and video files easily. Since efficiency is very important while playing media files, this software comprises of advanced code to perform various tasks. It plays all your media files seamlessly. You will experience the smooth functioning of this software as soon as you start using it. K-Lite Codec Pack is well maintained. It is updated frequently so that it plays all the latest file formats. It is compatible with many types of files. This makes it better than other music players. The interface of this file is designed in such a way that it is very effective and wonderful. It looks very impressive. This software takes up less space on your system. Once downloaded, you can use it any time. It works without any problem. It does not have any bugs in it. All your files are played with ease. K-Lite Codec Pack is your solution for all media files related problems. You will surely get many advantages of using it.

Changes on the new version:
Updated LAV Filters to version 0.73.1-31-g54d0a
Updated Codec Tweak Tool to version 6.3.7
Updated DirectVobSub to xy-VSFilter version
Fixed some issues with streaming video playback
Added a file association option for the generic file extension .video. If you use Windows Media Player, you can rename files to this extension to force it to use DirectShow instead of Media Foundation codecs.

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